Property Rentals, Cleaning and Maintenance Services…


Cleaning Services

Specialising in cleaning services, we offer a personalized service to each client.

Thanks to a professionally trained team with a wide and proficient knowledge of cleaning services, we can adapt to your needs offering you a quality cleaning service to home-owner communities, tourist resorts, houses and villas, shops, large spaces/department stores, offices, warehouses, etc.

Utilización de productos de limpieza de calidad y sobre todo, adecuados para cada superficie y en cada momento evitando el tan temido deterioro de los materiales instalados.

We use high quality cleaning products, adapted to each surface, to ensure that the results last as long as possible.

For those of you who have your second residency in Menorca, we also offer personalized cleaning or upkeep for owners so that your house is available when you want it and just the way you want it to look when you arrive.

Pool Maintenance Service

To ensure that the water is biologically balanced it is necessary for a professional to do the job.

Apart from making sure the pool is clean, it is also necessary to control the different biological and chemical pool values, the correct circulation of the water, carry out machinery maintenance, etc.

Furthermore, as pool water contains a world of bacteria, it is necessary to control it correctly for your safety.

We carry out all types of pool maintenance, such as: cleaning the pool, control of chemical products, repair of possible faults, etc.

Gardening Services

We carry out comprehensive gardening services of all types of gardens, be it private gardens or hotel gardens.

As well as offering general gardening services, we also lay and repair natural and artificial grass, construct and repair porches and pergolas. We are able to offer you installation and maintenance of sprinkle and drip irrigation watering systems, as well as automatic watering systems. 
Furthermore, we take care of planters, jardinières, garden wall/fences, garden stones, ponds, wells as well as doing pruning, replanting and weeding.

General Construction and Building Services

We are able to do any kind of new construction work, as well as restoration work, refurbishing, and repairs. Some examples include: 

  • Paving
  • Kitchen and bathroom sewage systems
  • Rendering
  • Coating/Cladding/Lining of walls
  • Roof renovations
  • Replacement of beams
  • Replacing interior and exterior woodwork
  • Structural reinforcements
  • Dry wall work
  • Dividing wall construction and repair

Technical services

We are also able to offer a general technical service

Our company is able to offer qualified staff to repair any minor damage that might be found in your property, be it related to electricity or plumbing.